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Our Habits

The way we all drink is why My Germs Drink ID Tags Work!

The first thing most people do before they take a sip from a glass, can or bottle, is to look directly where our mouth is going to be.  My Germs Personalized Bottle Tags were designed so that there's no mistaking whose drink it is, because your name is on it!   Because of this, you now have ownership of the drink marker!  Put it on all your drinks and you will never have more than one open at a time.  You will actually be more conscious of how many drinks you have throughout the day.  Suddenly you and your party guest are all taking responsibility for their empty drinks!  Whatever each person's disposal habit is, cans and bottles end up in the trash or recycling bin instead of everywhere else!  This is a common, worldwide story and we think you will agree this is a much needed and exciting product.

When you start creating better drinking habits, you may start to notice improvements in other habits.  Share your My Germs story with us and others.  We can't wait to find you have told your friends, "I have to share My Germs with you! "  Have fun, drink safe and live well!

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